The focus of applied ethics is analysing cases and applying ethical theories.
Royakkers, Pieters and Van de Poel have written several educational books on ethics. It might be difficult for teachers to decide which book to use. Therefore some guidance is given below.

Ethiek en Techniek, morele overwegingen in de ingenieurspraktijk
This book (in Dutch) should be used when teaching ethics to engineers. The book contains the above described ethical cycle, and in addition also some topics which are of major moral importance for engineers, like designing technology, how to deal with risks, and some environmental issues. This incomprehensive book is illustrated with cases and examples.

Verantwoord ondernemen
This book (in Dutch) contains the ethical cycle, together with topics as the responsibility of business and law. This book can be used for several audiences. Firstly, when teaching ethics to future managers. We recommend to make use of the real life cases which are available in an electronical format. Videos illustrate the cases, background information is given, questions and answers are available. They can be obtained from HBuitgevers. Secondly, this book can be used when teaching the ethical cycle to Dutch students in all study fields. We recommend to search for cases in your own field, instead of using the cases in the electronical format.

The ethical cycle
The ethical cycle can be used when teaching ethics to Bachelor students in all disciplines. In this book we do not offer cases. This book is independent of fields of study. Every field of study can use the ethical cycle for their own profession. However, cases are necessary to exercise with the ethical cycle. It is of major importance that cases are chosen in line with students’ future profession. We take it for granted that teacher and students can find enough cases on the internet or textbooks in their field of study to practice.

Teachers manual (English)

Ethiek in de Rechtspraktijk (Dutch)

Ethics, Technology and Engineering (English)